Monday, September 15, 2014

Is This Thing On?

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Urban dictionary—being the literary companion that it is—defines “it’s a wonder” as “it is surprising.” And well, we think that is pretty darn appropriate way to describe this thing we call being a mom.

To us, “It’s a Wonder” can mean many things. You may think to yourself “It’s a wonder we survived those first 3 (or 6, or 8) weeks after the baby was born!” or the more popular “It’s a wonder I haven’t fallen asleep in the shower, I haven’t slept in days!” (Kathryn WOULD NOT be able to say that, as she took many a shower nap in her first few weeks of motherhood). Or just simply “Wow, it’s a wonder my head is still attached to my body at this point.” Or maybe you are saying “I don’t agree with ANY of those statements!” and to you we say, bravo, friend. Please just do us a solid and let us know when we’ve put our shirt on inside out or maybe, you know, we’re wearing two different earrings. Deal?

With all the craziness of motherhood, at the complete opposite side of the spectrum is all the awesomeness that comes along with it. Anyone with a child can attest that there is so much wonder in the process of growing and raising a human. You are front and center to someone learning everything there is to know about being a person. How crazy is that? And while everyday might not be wonderful, it certainly is filled with some sort of wonder or wonderment.

The wonder in our lives is what we experience, create, think, feel and do. And so, here we are. Trying to capture that wonderment and share it with you.

Jenn and Kathryn

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