Friday, August 1, 2014

Pack Your Bags!

Are you ready to have that baby yet? And by ready, we mean, if you had to go to the hospital this minute would you have everything you need? My doctor suggested I pack my hospital bag and keep it with me during the week when I went to work, which I thought was a pretty good idea. So I packed it up and kept it in the car a couple weeks before I was due, just in case!

The two days I spent in the hospital after my daughter was born were the longest two days of my life. I slept about one hour and I could NOT wait to go home. I wanted out so badly that I actually almost went home the day after she was born, but I (wisely) decided to stay one more day just to make sure she was okay, etc. It was very hard being stuck in a hospital room when I wasn’t sick. I bounced back from giving birth rather quickly and felt like there was no reason for me to be there. I couldn’t sleep at night with hospital staff coming in and out of the room quite often, and I could not get comfortable in the hospital bed and it made a ridiculous noise anytime I moved or tried to adjust it. Not to mention my husband was basically sleeping on a 2x4. Going home was like a hallelujah moment for me.

All complaints aside (at least it was only two days, right?) I did have some items with me that I felt made the experience easier. Here is what I brought with me that I found useful, in no particular order. I didn't bring a TON with me because I didn't want to have to haul it all out afterwards. And if you forget something, someone can always bring it for you.