Monday, July 13, 2015

Thinking Positive and Motivation Monday

Hello Friends. Sorry I've been MIA.  We have had a ridiculous month filled with chaos.  In the past month,we have had water in our basement 5 times. Carpet has been torn out. Walls have been torn down. Drains have been clogged and unclogged. Turns out our basement window wells are not properly waterproofed, so while we take care of that- everything from down stairs is upstairs. Toys are everywhere, tools are everywhere, beer and wine glasses are everywhere. The dog keeps escaping while we are trying to get stuff in/out of the house and backyard. It has rained almost every day in the past month and there is mud everywhere- EVERYWHERE!-  while we attempt to waterproof the window wells  (tutorial coming soon) in between rainstorms, work, and family functions.  On top of that, I was asked to come back to work full-time, only to be dropped down to part-time and told that the funding for my job may or may not be renewed come September- making it impossible to plan for childcare and our future; I dropped my cellphone in the toilet; and Weston has been running a high fever for a few days.

I'm pretty close to my breaking point. But when I write it down and sort it out- it's really not that bad, right?  So, we flooded. So, there is crap everywhere. For every crappy thing that has happened there are a million things to be thankful for.  My amazing, loving, smart little
boy who wants hugs and kisses all day and whose vocabulary now consists of words like sump-pump, drain, and pipe. My amazing, loving, handy husband who works tirelessly at work and then comes home to work on the house and spend time with me and our little man.  I still have a job, for now, with great benefits and I get to spend an extra day with my son. If my position is not renewed- it's an opportunity for something better. Also- I got a new phone out of the deal and soon we'll get a new basement! Well, maybe not soon...but at least I can start a new Pinterest board.  I'm trying to stay POSITIVE!  I'm practicing The Secret. That really works, right?

Since I'm trying to stay positive and motivated, I guess it's time to introduce you to a new series on the blog: Motivation Monday! We all need a little positive reinforcement sometimes and usually,for me, after a nice relaxing or not so relaxing, but at least I didn't have to work weekend, Monday's are when I need positive reinforcement the most.  Coffee usually works. But it helps to have words and actions too.

Since my husband and I have both been in a funk, this week, I am suggesting we try to pick out three things a day that we are grateful for and talk about them over dinner. I got the idea from the blog Today's Letters.  Have you read this blog?  It's filled with the positive aspects of this couple's everyday life. It's a great reminder that its the little things that matter; that life is good, and that although it may be a crappy day, it's not a crappy life. I'm exactly the religious type, but I do feel its important to acknowledge the good in yourself and others, recognize the struggles we all go through no matter how small or big they seem to each individual; and believe in the power of love and life.

So, today, I am happy for:

My sweet son who woke me up with kisses this morning.

The movie Planesand Amazon Prime for cheering up my sick baby.

My husband who reminded me yesterday, that we'll get through this rough patch, like we always do.

What good things happened to you today?


  1. Jen, as always, you are awesome and amazing. -Jeanette

  2. I love this post so much and I love you!! Everything will work out, it always does :)